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Meet David D. Teater

A nationally recognized speaker and corporate consultant on the topic of Distracted Driving.

Mr. Teater’s 30-year business career has included serving as CEO of several private companies, including 20 years at an automotive supplier. His company provided research and strategy consulting services to most auto manufacturers.

In January 2009, Mr. Teater joined the National Safety Council after their call for a nationwide ban on all forms of cell phone use while driving. From 2009-2015, Mr. Teater led the NSC’s advocacy efforts to reduce fatalities and injuries resulting from distracted driving.

He has been featured in many national publications and news broadcasts and has appeared before several state legislatures advocating for restrictions on cell phone use while driving, and has testified before the US Congress.


His presentation entitled “Distracted Driving – Impact on Employee Safety, Productivity and Employer Liability,” can be delivered in 45 – 90 minutes and will cover, depending on time:
• The serious threat of vehicle crashes and their impact on business and society.
• The science of driver distraction and how mobile device use while driving degrades driver performance.
• Common misperceptions about cell phone driving distraction.
• Why cell phone distraction is the leading cause of distraction crashes, and is underreported as a factor in crashes and fatalities.
• Corporate response and why a policy prohibiting employee cell phone use while driving is “best safety practice.”
• Public opinion of cell phone driving bans.
• Potential technology solutions.


In addition to speaking to employers, Mr. Teater often directs his remarks to the general public and to company employees, helping them understand and support policies and laws that prohibit their use of mobile communications while driving.

Speaking Fee

Fees vary depending on requested services, projected travel costs, location, and number of presentations. Please contact Mr. Teater for a detailed quote specific to your event or consulting engagement.

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